Although we would love to give you a price list on servicing it is impossible due to the fact that the parts for different makes and models vary in price so please phone us for a quote on 0897-6413038 or drop in to Kerton’s Garage to chat to us, But be assured, we will always ring if we come across extra work that is needed and will never carry it out without your prior consent. Thank-You.

Here is a list of the work carried out under the term ‘Car Service’:

  • Replace spark plugs (if fitted with long life plugs they may not need replacing, if they do an additional cost may be incurred
  • Replace air filter
  • Check pollen filter
  • Fuel filter replacement if recommended by manufacturer
  • Remove brake drums to check, adjust and clean brake shoes
  • Check all brake pads, calipers and brake hoses
  • Check all wheel bearings and seals
  • Check CV joints and boots
  • Check steering gaiters and power steering for internal leaks
  • Check all wear in front and rear suspension bushes and ball joints
  • Check timing belt condition
  • Check alternator belt, charge rate and starter motor
  • Check axle and gear box oil, change where recommended
  • Check exhaust condition, check for leaks
  • Check interior equipment, heater locks, windows and central locking
  • Check brake fluid condition
  • Connect diagnostic scanner and check for all faults logged in computer, reset if required
  • Reset service reminder
  • Road test
  • Check all fluid levels, water, windscreen washer etc.
  • Check all bulbs and replace if necessary
  • Any problems will be explained to you in a clear way.
  • We will give you a competitive quote for repairs.
  • Repairs are offered on a per job basis, all prices vary due to many variables.
  • You are under no obligation to have us complete any car repairs we quote you for.

You are in full control of what work is and isn’t carried out so no surprise bills for any work you have not been quoted for or given specific consent to carry out.